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A Word From Peter

There's an exhilaration I feel when reaching the summit of one of Maine's 4000 ft. peaks.  While the view can be breathtaking, the true beauty of the moment is reminding myself of the physical and mental obstacles I had to overcome to finally reach the top.  I revel in the accomplishment for a moment, but my thoughts immediately shift to.... "What's next?"


Here's what's next.   After nearly 20 years of serving clients in the greater Bath-Brunswick area, August 2022 marks the beginning of my firm,  Peter M. Tetreault, EA.  Current business and individual clients will attest that working with me goes beyond annual paperwork filings.  It's a relationship that involves setting and achieving goals, from simple short-term tax avoidance strategies, to longer term retirement and estate planning.  


I am most proud of my dedication to helping clients "understand the why" rather than taking the "click and send" approach.  After all, these matters affect you, these are your goals, your obstacles along the way.  Eventually  when you look back to revel in your accomplishments, I'll  be there to offer the question...."What's Next?"  

"You Drive a Taxi?"

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